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Brush Chipping to Tree Removal in Hamilton – Your Questions Answered


Trees provide shade and add beauty to any yard, but their maintenance can be tricky and sometimes dangerous. Don’t risk injury or damage to your property – let the experienced professionals at Beswick Tree Service go to great heights for you and your home or business. We’ve been in the arboriculture business for over 70 years, and have received quite a few questions from our customers about common tree services from deep root fertilization to stump and tree removal in Hamilton. To address some of the questions we are commonly asked, we’ve collected some answers here for you.

Why Tree Removal?

Trees are beautiful and restful elements of your property. But there are reasons that sometimes, sadly, they must be removed. Here are some of the reasons to get a tree removed.

  • It is diseased. Tree diseases spread from tree to tree very quickly.
  • It is damaged. Trees heavily damaged by storms or other causes may die, causing a hazard for your home and property.
  • It is dead. Dead trees will drop limbs and eventually fall down on whatever happens to be in the way.

Why Stump Removal?

At first glance, an old tree stump in a particular location in your yard or property might seem rustic and picturesque. But keeping an old tree stump around can have hidden dangers.

  • It attracts bugs, particularly wood-loving, wood-boring bugs that can spread to your home.
  • It is a dangerous obstacle for people to bump into or trip over.
  • It blocks mowing and can damage lawn mowers.
  • It can cause new tree growth. If the stump is not in a place where you would like another tree, it’s best to remove it.

Why Tree Pruning and Trimming?

It might seem nicest and best just to let a tree grow on its own. But there are many reasons to keep your trees pruned and trimmed.

  • Pruning removes dead, damaged or diseased branches to help prevent insects and decay from entering the rest of the tree.
  • Pruning can thin a thick canopy at the top of a tree, letting in more sunlight and air circulation to increase disease resistance.
  • Pruning can prevent branches from rubbing together, which can damage them.
  • Pruning can prevent splits or limb falls from old or weakened portions of the tree.

Why is Deep Root Fertilization Needed?

If your home or business is located in an urban or densely populated area, chances are your tree may not be getting the minerals it needs for healthy growth. Deep root fertilization, or root feeding, is a process that injects a selection of minerals and nutrients into the ground soil around your tree for easy absorption. There are many benefits of deep root fertilization, including:

  • It promotes healthy growth and vitality in trees.
  • It helps young trees more firmly plant themselves into the soil.
  • It can improve the appearance of the tree’s foliage.


There are many more benefits to deep root fertilization, but overall, it is an effective process for healthy tree growth and pest management on your property.

Why Brush Chipping?

Brush chipping is a useful process for property owners who want to clear their yard of debris.


Brush chipping involves taking large piles of tree waste, such as branches and twigs, and putting them through a wood chipper. The wood chipper will spit out relatively uniform pieces of woods from the tree waste so that you can use them. Wood chips are useful for keeping soil moist as mulch or to line pathways as part of a landscaped lawn. If you prefer to not use these wood chips, Beswick Tree Service can remove them from your property for you.


If you have more specific questions or concerns regarding tree service on your home or business property, please do not hesitate to call the experienced arborists at Beswick Tree Service. We offer free on-site estimates.

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